Red Lines

Lily Blacksell by Andy Donohoe, London. August 2018
Elliot Woods (, Seoul, South Korea. November 2018
Kelly Roth, Durham, North Carolina. November 2018
Archana Prasad, Bangalore. August 2018
Sakineh Walther, Gaithersburg. August 2018
Monika Dorniak, Berlin. July 2018
Beyza Dilem Toptal, Istanbul. July 2018
Erfan Rezaie, Vancouver. July 2018
Jerome Saint-Clair, Paris. September 2018
Likando Kumoyo, London. July 2018
Manuel Bürger, Berlin. September 2018
London, August 2018
Veda Aggarwall by Jhinku Banerjee, Calcutta. August 2018
Posy Dixon, London. August 2018
Aksioma, Ljubljana, Slovenia. November 2018


Red Lines was a peer-to-peer network performance that took place from September 10, 2018 to September 10, 2020. The network connected users with servers in geographically specific locations to participate in the sharing and viewing of 82 individual pieces from the Landscape series. Over the course of two years, 120,000 people in 166 countries connected to the Red Lines network, with the average viewing time for each person lasting over one hour.

Although the peer-to-peer aspect of the project has come to a close, you can append ‘/redlines’ to the end of the URL of any individual Landscape piece (e.g. and enter an archived simulation of the 20-hour looping Red Lines cycle.

Red Lines is commissioned and produced by Artangel. The project is generously supported by Creative Capital.