No Original Research

No Original Research is a series of art websites, each created from a single animation and audio file found on The title originates from one of Wikipedia's core content policies, which states that all material must "cite reliable, published sources that directly support the material being presented". The URL of each composition serves as its title, describing the repeated animation and the background color. The use of these gifs and HTML color names are a celebration of content driven by function and necessity. Compositions are created by copying a found animated gif file dozens of times and embedding them into a single HTML page. When the browser tries (and fails) to load all of the files simultaneously they become out of synch, creating an animation cycle that visualizes the latencies specific to the viewer. Each viewing is a unique experience dictated by the speed of the network, the browser used and the speed of the computer.

Information on the Wikipedia content used to create the pieces can be found by viewing the page source of the individual pieces.

Commissioned by the Alingsas Konsthallen.

Carroll / Fletcher, Unoriginal Genius, London, UK

Alingsas Konsthallen, SNEL HEST, Alingsas, Sweden

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