Images courtesy Niklas Belenius Gallery.

Forgetting Spring (March to June 2013)
Compressed vinyl print
75cm x 56cm x 76cm

There are two reasons we tell a computer to forget: to free up technical resources or to destroy a potentially undesirable history. On the one hand, these memories can tell us a lot about who we are (both individually and as a culture), but on the other they can restrict us when we know that our actions are always "on the record." The Forgotten Spring sculpture, a tangible embodiment of the action of clearing this data, is intentionally conflicted as to whether it wants to be tossed away or archived forever. This physical representation of our lost digital histories is created from four months worth of Internet browsing data, resulting in a 1.5 x 42 meter long vinyl print compressed using an industrial compactor.


Gallery Niklas Belenius, Memory, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014

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