TSA Communication


TSA Communication is a project that alters the airport security experience, inviting the government to learn more about passengers than just the contents of their carry on bags. Messages are cut into thin 13" x 10" sheets of stainless steel designed to comfortably fit inside airline carry on baggage. During the x-ray screening process, the technology normally designed to view the contents of a traveler's baggage is transformed into a communication tool for displaying messages aimed at airport security. The content of the plates varies from flight to flight, but includes "NOTHING TO SEE HERE", an image of the American flag and the TSA's (Transportation Security Agency's) mission statement as listed on its website, "I AM THE FRONTLINE OF DEFENSE, DRAWING ON MY IMAGINATION TO CREATIVELY PROTECT AMERICA FROM HARM".

Commissioned by Rhizome


  • Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art, Flight Mode, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Kibel Gallery (University of Maryland), Casual Computing, College Park, Maryland, 2013
  • Eastern Michigan University Gallery of Art, Welcome to Detroit, Detroit, Michigan, 2012
  • N2 Galeria, Evan Roth: La Vanguardia Americana, Barcelona, Spain
  • The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, Beyond a Memorable Fancy, New York City
  • Advanced Minority Gallery, AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR FREE, Vienna, Austria