(photo by Doug Eng, courtesy of the MOCA Jacksonville)

(photo by Doug Eng, courtesy of the MOCA Jacksonville)

(photo by Doug Eng, courtesy of the MOCA Jacksonville)

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Since You Were Born (2019)
MOCA Jacksonville, Florida
March 16, 2019 - June 23, 2019

"In Since You Were Born, Evan Roth presents an introspective view of his own internet browsing data to create a dynamic site-specific installation of saturated images that are both personal and universal. Filling the Atrium Gallery entirely, Roth's internet cache captures four months of search history from the day his second daughter was born on June 29, 2016. Faces of “friends” from social media exist alongside corporate logos, fragments of Google maps, family photographs, and banner advertisements -lost narratives left behind in Roth's interactions online. Engulfing the viewer, the uncensored stream of images present memories that were never intended to be saved, archiving the seemingly incidental into something more permanent. In this way, Since You Were Born presents an alternate form of art-making, memory-making, and storytelling in our ever-more technologically obsessed world."

~ MOCA Jacksonville

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