Graffiti Taxonomy Diptych: New York & Paris
Silk screen print
100cm x 100cm each
Edition of 10 + 2 AP
New York City

A study depicting the stylistic diversity found in graffiti tags.

Diptych commissioned and collected:
Museum of Modern Art, Talk to Me, New York City, New York

Previous versions commissioned:
Fondation Cartier, Born In The Streets, Paris, France

Kunsthalle Wien, Street and Studio From Basquiat to Seripop, Vienna, Austria

Eastern Michigan University Gallery, Welcome To Detroit, Detroit, USA

N2 Galeria, Evan Roth: La Vanguardia Americana, Barcelona, Spain

Speed Show, When We Were Kings, New York City, USA

Advanced Minority Gallery, AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR FREE, Vienna, Austria

British Design Museum, Brit. Insurance Design of the Year 2010, London, United Kingdom

BLK River, Vienna, Austria

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