The Art of Misuse, September 9, 2015
(Hunting for the Internet)

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1) Technological empowerment

2) Visualization through misuse

/FTP /empowermentExperience

1) Technological empowerment

/empowerment /tools (/8m)

2) Visualization through misuse

/wikipedia /honest /freeFromEgo /earlyWeb



screen capture fireFox
screen capture Tor


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/time /casualComputing /loss /humor /dark (/16m)

/change /internet (/20m)

/change /bigCrunch /centralization

/change /monetization /targetedMarketing

/change /2013

/freeTools /freeEntertainment /targetedMarketing /snitch


/PeterSunde /PirateBay /Piratbyran /transmediale2015 /28.01.2015


/FTP /optimism /rekindle (/23m)

New research: 1) Internet Infrastructure

/reconnectionThroughVisualization /poorVisualConnectionWWW /"cloud" /connectionToPastWork

/internetInfrastructureResearch /seeing /healing

/internetInfrastructureResearch /seeing /healing

/internetInfrastructureResearch /seeing /healing

/internetInfrastructureResearch /seeing /healing

"the Internet has no landmarks" ~Andrew Blumb
(Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet)
/internetInfrastructureResearch /2013

(TeleGeography: Submarine Cable Map)
/antiCloud /documented /visitable

New research: 2) Paranormal technologies


/fullSpectrum /technicalSimilarities /visualizingUnseen

"a ghost is energy, and much of ghost hunting is centered on tracking and trying to record that power."
~ Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting, by Christopher Balzano, 2009

"If you have a message please speak to me into this device"


/Apophenia /Pareidolia /Matrixing
"the human tendency to seek patterns in random information" ~ Wikipedia: Apophenia
"a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant." ~ Wikipedia: Pareidolia
"The human brain naturally attempts to find logic in the illogical" ~ Complete Paranormal Services

/Apophenia /Pareidolia /Matrixing

/faith /technology /explainComplicatedIssuesIn18mins /communicateWithDead

/SpiritTelegraph /TechnoMystism: "fusion of scientific method and spiritual belief"
/telecommunications /history /parallel /paranormal /1837
(Haunted Media: Electronic Presence from Telegraphy to Television, by Jeffrey Sconce, 2000

"Telephone to the Dead" - Thomas Edison, 1920's


/audio /video /thermalImaging /customHardware /modifiedElectronics /mobileApps /EMF /EVP /ITC

/location /trauma /areasOfActivity /pilgrimage

25% of all internet traffic travels through the Cornwall area

"Cornwall also possesses the other necessary prerequisite of a cable landing site in that it is an ancient haunt of pirates and smugglers and is littered with ceremonial ruins left behind by shadowy occult figures." ~ Mother Earth Mother Board, by Neal Stephenson, 1993

/pirates /shipwrecks

/occult /paranormal /stoneCircles /standingStones /2000BC

/telegraph /1870

/radio /GuglielmoMarconi
Poldhu Wireless Station, Guglielmo Marconi's transmitter for the first transatlantic radio message on 12 December 1901.. ~ Wikipedia: Poldhu







/landscapes /nature (/34m)

/landscapes /alone

/telePresence /landscapes

/telephoneCable /landscapes

/telephoneCable /landscapes

/telephoneCable /anti-climax /beautifulUnderstatement /landscapes

/BillChappell /digitalDowsing OVILUS III rev A
Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) - "communication through any sort of electronic device" ~ Wikipedia

/visual /drawMode /energy /temperature /EMF

/reverseVisual /foregroundPerson /backgroundCPU /IR-WWW /privacy /multi-Touch

/reverseVisual /foregroundPerson /backgroundCPU /IR-WWW /privacy /multi-Touch

/searchingAwayFromScreen /stopFighting /danceInWavesAboveTheFiber

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