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Project archive:

Recent talk: The Photographers' Gallery (45 mins)
Studio visit: Parsons DT Cloud Salon
Past talks: Retune Festival (20 min), Creative Captial (7min), CCC (60min)

Current studio research notes:
Social media: Instagram - @evanroth_, Twitter - @evanroth_

Upcoming & Current:
  • Nov. 14, 2020 – Jan. 31, 2021, Lying Sophia and Mocking Alexa, Yuz Museum, Shanghai, China
  • Oct. 3 - Dec. 6, 2020: Culturgest, Red Lines with Landscapes: Portugal, Porto, Portugal

  • Misc:
  • Red Lines referenced in Nadmin Samman's lecture: Orpheus and the Technocave, at KW in Berlin, October 28, 2020
  • 'Since You Were Quarantined' Lecture at the _Towards an Ecology of Images_ confrence at the Jue de Paume in Paris, June 22, 2020
  • Jeu de Paume commission,
  • Since You Were Born 3D virtual tour:
  • Commencement speech delivered via Zoom to the Parsons DT graduating classes of 2020:
  • Breonna Taylor tribute:
  • 7.5 hour mixtape of mixtapes I've been making since 2009:
  • Dolly Parton mixtape: Dolly-Would-Pandemic-Mixtape.mp3
  • 'The Spotify to Piracy Pipeline: X-Mix 2020 vol. 15’:

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